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Sisters and Brothers in Christ, I have been reading a book on "Contemplation in Action." It is a collection of articles by spiritual seekers. These are men and women who ask the Lord to guide them in living lives of action that are nurtured and guided by … [Read More...]

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Quasquicentennial Year History Book

The Quasquicentennial Year History Book is on its way.  You ask, WHAT IS THAT???  It's a hardcover book packed with 125 years of history, fun facts, loads of pictures and lots of stories that are SURE to bring back fond memories of our beloved St. … [Read More...]

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Upcoming Events

125th Celebration Weekend – July 31-Aug 3

Save the dates of July 31-August 3 for the closing of our year long celebration of 125 years of St. Alphonsus Parish. We are going to give ourselves 4 big days and lots of events to commemorate our anniversary.  All Redemptorists, Grand Rapids Dominicans and … [Read More...]

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